• Synchronous module loading in ES6

    One of the great features of ES6 modules is the direct style module loading syntax:

    import map from "underscore.js";
    ... map(a, f) ...

    This makes it as frictionless as possible to grow or refactor your code into multiple modules, and to pull third-party modules into an existing codebase. It also makes a common module format that can be shared between the browser and JS servers like Node.

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  • Two years at MoCo

    If I remember right, today is my two year anniversary working full time at Mozilla. And it works out to about six years of working with Mozilla and TC39. I could stop and get sentimental, but there’s work to do.

  • Why coroutines won’t work on the web

    The topic of coroutines (or fibers, or continuations) for JavaScript comes up from time to time, so I figured I’d write down my thoughts on the matter. I admit to having a soft spot for crazy control-flow features like continuations, but they’re unlikely ever to make it into ECMAScript. With good reason.

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