• Neon: Node + Rust = 💖

    If you’re a JavaScript programmer who’s been intrigued by Rust’s hack without fear theme—making systems programming safe and fun—but you’ve been waiting for inspiration, I may have something for you! I’ve been working on Neon, a set of APIs and tools for making it super easy to write native Node modules in Rust.

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  • Why Mozlandia Was So Effective

    When Chris Beard first announced that over a thousand Mozilla staff and contributors would be descending on Portland this month for an all-hands work week, I worried about two things. I knew a couple of the groups in my department would be approaching deadlines. And I was afraid that so many groups of people in one place would be chaotic and hard to coordinate. I wasn’t even wrong – but it didn’t matter.

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  • I’m Running for the W3C TAG

    The W3C’s Technical Architecture Group (TAG) has two open seats for 2014, and I’m running for one of those seats.

    In recent years a reform effort has been underway to help the TAG to improve the cohesiveness and transparency of the many moving parts of Web standards. Domenic Denicola and I would like to help continue that reform process. My particular interests in running focus on several themes:

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